Token Changer - 03SSB

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Token or Coin Changer Machine is a machine that change your bills or notes into the same amount of coin or token. This machine comes in handy if you need a lot of coin such as for business purpose or personal usage. 
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Model : GTM - 03SSB

Token Storage Capacity: ~ 2300pcs

Bank Note Storage Capacity : ~ 400pcs (self stacking)

Voltage : AC240V

Machine Dimension: 360mm(D) X 330mm(W) X 1280mm(H)

Machine Weight : 38kg

Bill Acceptor : RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20

Bank Note Acceptance : Malaysia, Singapore etc...
(specified when do enquiry)

Dispense Respond Time: <2 sec

Not include transportation fees

Warranty One (1) year 

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Token Changer - 03SSB

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